Holiday Shaders 2: Credits


Resources Used

Software Used

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript - Backbone of the website
  • Three.js - 2D and 3D graphics in WebGL
  • Bootstrap + Darkly Theme - Look and feel of the website
  • OpenGL Shader Language (GLSL) - All shaders were written in this language

Inspiration/Shader Ideas

Thank you to the following people for giving me inspiration for some of my shader designs:

  • My friend Karishma Changlani ( DeviantArt | GitHub) made this fractal . It was the inspiraton for my shader Stained Glass.
  • My co-worker Tom Thi brought in googly eyes for a joke. This was the inspiration for my Googly Eyes design.
  • My friend Sarah DiChristino-Brennan ( Instagram | Bandcamp) suggested a spiral pattern. This was my inspiration for Spirals.


I was fortunate that many of my friends gave me good feedback on my shaders so I was able to improve many of them. Thank you to the following people for your feedback!

  • A special thank you to my friend Genna Hennessy (Twitter | Tumblr) for helping me reorganize the website layout. It looks so much cleaner than when I started!
  • Thanks again to my friend Karishma Changlani ( DeviantArt | GitHub) for giving me feedback that helped me tweak several of my shaders.
  • Thank you to DeviantArt user PonceIndustries ( DeviantArt) for your many comments on my preview screenshots! Our discussions led me to find several variations on the Newton and Mandelbrot Set fractals.
  • Finally, thank you to all my other friends and watchers on DeviantArt for your support throughout the month!